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Condo Insurance

If you live or plan to live in a condo in Arizona, then you will need to consider Arizona condo insurance. These insurance policies offered by A Sun Country Insurance Agency will cover your personal belongings from particular threats. Condo insurance comes with a lot of benefits. Here is what you should know about condo insurance in Arizona.

Is Condo Insurance a Requirement in Arizona?

Many condominium associations require you to have condo insurance. If you’re mortgaging a condo, then the mortgage company will almost certainly require you to have condo insurance. Besides, it’s always a good idea to have condo insurance even if you’re not required to have it.

The condo association or building owner will have insurance on the building itself, which can help some. While the master policy of the building can help with damage to the structure and a few other things, it will rarely help you if your belongings suffer damage.

Nevertheless, you’re responsible for your unit and all your personal belongings. That’s another reason why you should consider condo insurance essential.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover in Arizona?

Much like a homeowner’s policy, condo insurance can cover a variety of things. A basic condo insurance policy can cover your unit if it receives damage from fire, water, and various other threats.

In addition, your policy will help replace stolen property. Condo insurance also comes with some liability protection. If someone suffers an injury or you accidentally damage someone’s property, the liability coverage can help with the ensuing lawsuit.

Going beyond basic coverage can give you even more protection. Options vary, but you can always add:

  • More liability protection
  • Increase your overall coverage
  • Add specific options for more value

For example, you can add options to cover living expenses for a situation where you cannot stay in your condo for a period of time.

You should consider condo insurance in Arizona as a necessity. If you need to know more or want a quote, contact us at A Sun Country Insurance Agency today.

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